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Monorail type sludge collector

What is the monorail type sludge collector?

This is a sludge collector with a simple structure and a different concept to the methods that have been the mainstream up to now. Collecting flights equipped with scraping blades are placed on the center rail attached to the bottom of the sedimentation tank and driven back and forth by a drive unit via a link chain. During scraping, the scraping blades are set vertically, and during return they are reversed almost horizontally to prevent sludge turbulence. It is easy to construct and maintain, has excellent earthquake resistance and is suitable for replacing old equipment.
The scum scraping plate in conjunction with the sludge scraping machine efficiently rakes up scum.

  • 下水用設備
  • 上水用設備


  • Simple structure

  • Excellent scraping capacity

  • High earthquake resistance

  • Easy to install

  • Scum collector

  • Two-channel, one-drive system

  • Installation in settling tank with inclined plate

Compared to the conventional systems, it has a simpler structure, and the scraping blades can be adjusted to fit the shape of the tank bottom, so that little residue remains after scraping. Its structure is less affected by earthquakes.

It is easy to maintain and install because high accuracy is not required for installation, and the construction period is short.